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TalkTalk Huawei DN372T Troubleshooting - Maintenance mode
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What is Maintenance mode?

The Maintenance mode provides a menu with a number of different ways to reset your box and is only normally used when your box encounters a failure of some sort.

How to access the Maintenance mode menu

Should there be problems accessing your hard drive, you will automatically be brought to the Maintenance mode menu after being shown an error message. Otherwise, it can be accessed by switching the box off/on using the power button on the rear of the box, then pressing and releasing the power button on the front of the box, quickly followed by holding down the + and - buttons on the front of the box for approximately 5 seconds, after which the menu should then appear.

Available options

  1. Software Reset [Recommended]
    Resets the current System Software. Your recordings and personal settings will not be unaffected. Should your box develop any kind of issue, this is the first thing to try, but generally it doesn't do a lot most of the time!
  2. Factory Reset, keep recordings
    This resets your box to the original default settings, but keeps your recording library intact. This can be useful if you are unable to access the Factory Reset option in the YouView settings menu.
  3. Factory Reset, delete recordings
    This does the same as the previous option, but also completely erases any of your recordings that were stored on the hard drive. This may be necessary if the filesystem has developed errors, causing playback and recording issues and you are otherwise unable to repair it, without data loss, using Linux and xfs_repair.
  4. Internet/USB Recovery, keep recordings
    This option will download the complete software from the internet and install it over the existing version, leaving your recordings intact. This option is useful if your box is refusing to update itself in the usual manner and is stuck on an old software version.
  5. Internet/USB Recovery, delete recordings
    This option is the most descructive option available. It will erase all your data, settings and recordings from the box. It will download the complete software from the internet, install it and format the hard drive. If your hard drive dies and you have fitted a replacement drive, this is the option that you will need to make your box recognise and use the drive, in order for the box to be able to start and be usable again.
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