TalkTalk DN372T YouView
TalkTalk Huawei DN372T Troubleshooting - Software Updates
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Current software versions

Component Software (PS)3.8.128updates provided by YouView and located on YouView's servers
Manufacturer Software (CDS)72.48.91updates provided by Huawei and located on TalkTalk's servers
Recovery Software2.3.4021part of the Manufacture Software updates

Updating the software

Assuming your box is plugged in and connected to the internet, it will usually update itself as and when required. You can also manually check for updates via the settings menu on the "Software Information" page. Should you your box fail to apply updates using this method and it is stuck on old version (particularly the manufacturer software), you should be able to get it to update by using the "Internet/USB Recovery, keep recordings" option in Maintenance mode - this will also reset your box to factory default settings, but will retain your recordings.
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